ES100 Rack Type Warewasher

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Eswood Professional Rack Type Warewasher

100 racks per hour
maximum water consumption 400 litres per hour



  • Door safety switches
  • Top Mounted Controls and Electrical Control Gear, away from water splash, easy access for Servicing
  • Machine operation inter-locked to Rinse Temperature
  • Fully panelled front and sides (avoiding water splash to motors etc. when dish wash area is being cleaned)
  • Capacity up to 100 racks per hour
  • Clutch controlled conveyor (providing protection to drive mechanism if racks jam in machine)
  • Low water protection (to wash tank elements)
  • Integral rinse booster heater 12 kW
  • Wash and rinse elements fitted with individual thermostats
  • Rinse economiser (pre-set to provide precise volume of rinse water irrespective of fluctuation in water supply pressure)
  • Maximum water consumption 400 litres per hour


  • Extension Hoods and Vent Spigots at entry and exit ends
  • Angle Feed Unit
  • 90° Entry and/or Exit Curves (powered by dishwasher)
  • 180° Entry Curve (powered by dishwasher)
  • 180° Entry and/or Exit Curves (self-powered)
  • 6 kW or 9 kW High Velocity Blower Dryer
  • Heat and Sound Insulating Panels
  • Rinse Pressure Booster Pump
  • Exit Bench (proximity) Trip Switch pre-wired into control box. This provides automatic shut down whenever exit bench becomes full

Dimensions (WxDxH): 1130 x 730 x 1600