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High Performance.
High Efficiency.
High Durability


Chain-ready, chain-proven griddles and charbroilers.

These pieces are often the backbone of kitchen operations and MagiKitch’n is the strongest link you can have in your chain. Equipment can be easily customized with optional grates, grids, and grease trough placement. MagiKitch’n allows you to customize your product to your needs like no other chain ready product.

History of the brand

For over 75 years this brand has not only stood the test of time but continues to measure up as one of the most recognizable food equipment brands.

Feel good story

Griddle performance is greatly enhanced with chrome and starts with a precision formed, highly polished steel plate. Magikitch’n uses T1 Armor Plate Grade steel, the most dense and hardest steel griddle plate in commercial food service.

A chrome surface is then applied through a multi-step process. The thermal conductivity of the plate assures controlled, even heat distribution throughout the cooking area.

A chromed surface means high performance at lower temperature settings. The chromed surface transfers heat more efficiently where you want it – to the food. Heat is maintained in the griddle plate. You can cook at lower temperatures, faster with less shrinkage, and control caramelization of food better than convectional griddles.

Key features – Warranty & Manufacturing: