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Intuitive (user-friendly).
Consistent results.


Scandinavian design is characterized by quality and simplicity.

It has a unique ability to combine form and function; beauty and functionality effortlessly blends together.

At HOUNÖ, we are proud to be part of this design tradition. HOUNÖ’s range of Visual Cooking combi ovens combine appealing streamlined design with unmatched functionality. A visual cooking oven is easy on the eye, while it also makes things easier for you in the kitchen. It enables you to reach perfection every time and with every meal.

History of the brand

HOUNÖ has developed and produced combi ovens in Denmark since 1977, when our founder Hans JørgenHoumøller built an oven for his brother’s restaurant. Huono was among the first in the world to produce combi ovens, and these roots of ingenuity shape HOUNÖ to this day.

With strong Scandinavian roots, which are expressed in our solution-oriented approach to oven design; we strive to create user-friendly solutions that suit your specific needs and requirements.

Houno logo


HOUNÖ boasts the widest range of combi ovens in the world. But our Visual Cooking oven is not like other combi ovens. It’s an experience. Just take a look at the curved oven door and the smooth surfaces that underline the quality of the food in the oven. Feel the quality of the door handle in stainless steel and touch the display to discover just how easy it is to use. Smell the enticing aroma coming from the oven and let your taste buds explore the delicious results.

Key features – Warranty & Manufacturing:

2 Years warranty*

*For products supplied from March 1st, 2024.

Made and designed in Denmark

10 years parts availability