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We’ve Helped Food Service Operators Cook More Efficiently & More Deliciously for 50 Years!

Whether you’re considering using an automatic broiler for the first time, or ready to expand your menu offering, you can count on Nieco broilers for consistently cooked, flame-broiled superior taste for any application. Our Nieco automatic broilers are known for excellent performance in fast food, fast casual, and casual restaurants, but did you know that our broilers are also ideal for ultra-high-volume locations too?

Large-format venues such as stadiums and amusement parks, large-scale catering operations such as schools, military canteens, hospitals, hotels and airlines, and food manufacturing
No matter what size or type of business or organization you have, we have a broiler that will fit your space, your volume, and your customers’ tastes.

History of the brand

Nieco Corporation has been designing and building our innovative automatic broilers in beautiful northern California since 1969, when the first automatic broiler was installed in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland Terrace. Since then, we’ve built and sold more than 80,000 broilers around the world!
After learning of the new broiling technology, Carl’s Jr. adopted their first Nieco broiler in 1970. Burger King was not far behind, receiving approval of the Nieco broiler in 1974 and installing their first unit in Sacramento, CA.

Nieco’s trademarked term, BroilVection™, was introduced to the market in 2009, along with our revolutionary JF series line-up. A combination of broiling and convection, BroilVection™ includes a new burner system that recycles energy to improve broiler performance, adds flexibility, and saves a large amount of energy. It is currently installed in all of the JF series to provide you with the top of the line broiling experience.

Today, Nieco has manufactured and sold over 60,000 broilers worldwide since our production began back in 1969 and are currently installed in some of the world’s largest fast food chains. Not just limited to these large corporations, our automatic broilers are currently installed in sports arenas, amusement parks and independent restaurants all over the globe.

What Makes NiecoThe Taste You Can Count On?

Consistent, Great Taste

Our patented BroilVection™ hybrid broiling technology harnesses the broiler’s heat and engineers a combination of radiant cooking, natural convection and forced air convection. The result is juicy, seared, flame-broiled perfection every time!


With Nieco’sBroilVection™ burner system, the burners do not require replacing, making Nieco broilers even more durable and long lasting than ever before. Nieco backs all of its products with a limited 12-month parts and labor warranty and unique worldwide service and distributor network, ensuring that training, maintenance, troubleshooting, parts and repairs are locally available.

Speed & Capacity

Nieco automatic broilers get the product out. They’re 40–50% faster than average conventional grills because they cook the product on both sides at once.


We may be known for our ability to cook great-tasting burgers, but our automatic broilers also perfectly cook vegetables, steak, chicken, kabobs, fish and more, making us a great option for a wide variety of food service settings and needs.

Key features – Warranty & Manufacturing: