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Goldstein. Designed and made in Australia. Built to last.



Goldstein equipment is designed to give long and satisfactory service and incorporate the best possible materials and workmanship.

Goldstein manufactures a comprehensive range of commercial cooking equipment for the commercial kitchen and hospitality markets. The Goldstein range includes both gas and electric equipment that has been de-signed with innovation and an emphasis on sustainability in mind. Goldstein utilizes quality materials during the manufacturing process to ensure durability of our products.

Goldstein manufactures a wide range of commercial cooking appliances at its modern manufacturing facility in Smithfield, NSW. Distribution and after sales service are looked after through the company’s state offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

Developing world-class cooking equipment for over 100 years.

Morris Goldstein established the family business, Eagle Carbonating Co. in Kent Street, Sydney in 1911, designing and building soda fountains, and ice and ice-cream cabinets. The company was re-named Goldstein & Co Pty Ltd. In 1919. Joseph Goldstein took over from his father and began expanding the range of milk bar equipment.

During the Second World War, Goldstein& Co supplied the Army with a range of equipment for forward field kitchens; the US Army with portable ice-cream making machines; and the British and Australian Navies with refrigeration maintenance services for warships visiting Australian Ports.

More about the story behind Goldstein...

In 1964 brothers Col and Hal Goldstein took over from their father and began to focus increasingly on the manufacture of world class commercial cooking equipment, first licensing technology from leading US and European manufacturers and then developing in-house design skills.

In 1990 Goldstein & Co Pty Ltd emerged as a major player in the Australian foodservice equipment market, receiving an “Australian Design Award” for the PF series cooking range, and ranking first in sales of medium to heavy duty ranges, combi ovens, fryers, salamanders etc.

In response to relentless competition Goldstein’s manufacturing capabilities are continuously upgraded. We use all planned or systematic actions necessary for ensuring that Goldstein products always give excellent performance in service and are a continuing advertisement of this company’s ability to provide customers with a quality product.

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Quality. Guaranteed.


All Goldstein equipment carries a full 24 months warranty, ably supported by our regional office and accredited service agents across Australia. Goldstein guarantees to carry spare parts for a minimum of ten years after you buy your machine – try getting such guarantee on an imported machine!

Goldstein is committed to providing unrivalled service levels to all our customers, offering the best equipment for Australian conditions, supported by sales and service teams with the highest degree of expertise.

*For products supplied from March 1st, 2024.

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