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To deliver world class cooking solutions through empowered people, disruptive innovation, and advanced technology.

Pitco is the industry leader in fryers and oil management. For over 100 years Pitco has been producing quality long lasting frying solutions and is first to the market with the newest technology. Pitco manages to meet the needs of small businesses and large chains alike making them the most recognized fryer brand in the world. Pitco fryers are made to last the test of time and help produce the highest quality in fried foods all while managing oil costs as efficiently as possible.

Innovative and advanced features create an Integrated Oil Management system. Reduced oil volume, auto filtration, infinity touch control, and SOS SmartOil sensor work in unison to provide measurable cost savings and noticeably improved food quality. Controls offer data capture capability, multi-language menus, and on-demand, how-to video storage. All designed to educate your team on the proper Integrated Oil Management processes.

We want your customers to have the best fried foods imaginable, and our goal is to help you make that possible.

History of the brand

In 1918, our goal was to offer a simple, reliable piece of kitchen machinery for professional frying. For over 100 years, Pitco has designed equipment that makes it easier for our customers to offer the best in fried foods. Pitco has been an industry leader in design, research, and delivery of new ideas for frying.

In 1918 J. C. Pitman and Sons, hotel & restaurant equipment manufacturers, while attempting to work out a more satisfactory method of frying, made some important discoveries.

One was that if the small particles of food which ordinarily settled to the bottom of the French Fry pot (where they collected and burned) could be kept away from the intense heat of that part of the kettle, the quality of fried food could be greatly improved. The Pitco Frialator was invented on this basic principle and patented.

This brought about a complete change in the method of deep fat frying. The fat medium was heated by tubes running through the center of the fat container. This construction permitted all sediment from the food being fried to drip below the heating tubes into a cool zone where it could not carbonize and break down the frying fat.

We’re still cooking up ways to service you


Frying apparently dates as far back as the beginning of cooking in a receptacle. In the days of old, it was discovered that meats placed before the open fire in an earthen platter retained their juices and were generally more tasty and satisfying.


The natural fat near the surface of the flesh of an animal melted out first into the bottom of the dish, and frying took place. Thus, it was only a step to apply heat below the dish, and have the food cooked in this accumulation of natural fats.


Soon some genius discovered that satisfactory food could be prepared in previously rendered and collected fat, and deep fat frying became an established practice. The original shallow spider, skillet or fry pan became gradually deeper, until a French Fry pot became a standard piece of kitchen equipment.

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