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Carter Hoffmann


Carter-Hoffmann is the industry expert and leader in food holding and transporting solutions

Our never-ending company mission is to be the industry leader and the brand of choice in holding, transport and specialty equipment.

PUC offers the latest technology in mobile ordering and pick up for busy restaurants, convenience stores and retail.  The system is complete with all of the technology for ordering online or from a mobile app. Heated and ambient cabinets can be configured for your operation. The PUC System improves speed of service, labour cost, as well as convenient streamlined pick-up, and food safety.

A Tradition of Excellence

Carter-Hoffmann began as a small company in the garage of its founder, Carter Hoffmann, in 1947. Carter designed and sold the very first banquet carts to hotels, to make banquet service easier. Heated transport carts, mobile refrigerators and utility equipment soon followed to round out the banquet service line. Over the years, cafeteria lines, hospital tray lines and plate dispensers were added to the growing list and expanding markets served by Carter-Hoffmann.

In 1990, Carter-Hoffmann had its first roll-out with a major quick service chain and entered the food holding category. Since then, we have been perfecting the holding environment and offer a wide variety of products for food holding, including modular holding cabinets, Crisp ‘N Hold stations for fried foods and hot LOGIX, a complete line of upright food holding cabinets. As the leader in food holding and transporting, Carter-Hoffmann continues to expand and innovate our growing line of food holding and transporting products.

Meeting the Challenges of Pickup, Takeout, and Delivery

The front-of-the-house flow should be segmented into three different categories. First, dine-in customers should have an easy pathway into the restaurant and to their tables. When dine-in customers are forced to spend time waiting to be seated, it can crowd entryways, so quickly moving those guests to the dining room is an important step.

This leaves delivery and takeout, and in reality, consumers who order takeout require pretty much the same level of service as delivery drivers. Customers and drivers both want to enter the operation, quickly find their orders, and move on. When those orders are held in cabinets that preserve heat and help ensure quality, even better.

The main problem then becomes the space itself. Not all restaurants have spacious entryways where dine-in and takeout customers are easily segmented, and certainly, restaurants will be challenged to find room for large pickup cabinets. This means finding a pickup cabinet option with a smaller footprint or one that can be placed on a countertop can make the difference between throwing takeout bags on a countertop or safely storing them in touchless, heated cabinets.

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