How to Optimise Your Restaurant’s Kitchen Workflow

Preparing timely and most refined foods in a restaurant is a skillset that could only be implemented successfully if conducted according to a predefined process known as – workflow.

The workflow in the commercial kitchen environment enables chefs to be efficient and produce food to considerably high standards.

A good workflow means that resources, equipment, and staff operate smoothly throughout the food preparation and serving the food on the guest tables.

Having the Right Commercial Kitchen Equipment

First of all, you need to make sure that your kitchen must be adjusted according to the size of the available space, which makes the entire workflow optimisation process easier from the start.

Designing your commercial kitchen space and considering every appliance requirement is the best way to kick-start a successful workflow.

Now, in most cases, the commercial kitchen workflow consists of the following stages:

  • Cold & dry storage
  • Food Preparation and dressing
  • Food and dining service
  • Washing station
  • Waste deposit

Thus, when planning the workflow in a professional commercial kitchen, knowing what type of equipment is necessary for each stage of the food preparation process is essential.

Commercial Kitchen Workflow Optimisation Stages

Of course, you can immediately enhance each process with brand new and quality equipment. But optimization means much more than purchases. To make every process efficient, there are specific constraints that you must eliminate, the following stages:  

  • Identify: Is there a particular process in your kitchen workflow that you need to optimise?
  • Analyse: Will the optimised process meet your business goals as a restaurant?
  • Implement: Once you eliminate the unnecessary elements of the process, you can automate your new kitchen workflow.
  • Monitor: Nothing should be left to chance, and everything needs to be regularly analysed.

Over to You

The kitchen workflow must be effectively optimised to deliver a smooth-running commercial cooking process, from the usage of resources to the servings and guest management processes.

Having the right equipment remains the critical factor. But it’s not just about having equipment that works. It’s about having a kitchen that works well too.

Ensure a consistent workflow throughout the kitchen with Middleby’s cooking technology that helps you automate the entire workflow of the restaurant. Contact us and speak with a team of professionals at Middleby Australia today.

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