Undercounter Warewashers: Clean Your Dishes Efficiently

There is an easy way to optimise the flow of your commercial kitchen, and that involves Undercounter Warewashers. These modern-day appliances revolutionise your kitchen, saving time and energy better dedicated to creating great food and drinks. Read on to learn about the amazing features of these machines and other wonderful products by Middleby Australia.

What Are Undercounter Warewashers?

Compact and automated, Undercounter Warewashers are ideal for small to medium-sized foodservice establishments, bars, cafes and restaurants where space is often limited. These machines are ideal for efficiently cleaning and sanitising a large number of dishes, glasses, and cutlery, making them an essential part of any commercial kitchen as they can fit conveniently under the counter.

Benefits of Undercounter Warewashers:

  1. Time-saving Efficiency: Undercounter Warewashers are designed to be able to clean a large number of dishes speedily and effectively. With useful wash cycles and specialised washing systems, they can significantly cut down the time taken to tidy up after a hectic meal service.
  2. Consistent Cleaning Performance: Say goodbye to worrying about leftover food particles or spots, as these machines are designed to ensure every dish is cleaned and sanitised with consistent performance.
  3. Water and Energy Efficient: Undercounter Warewashers are engineered to use a small amount of water and energy, making them beneficial for both the environment and your finances. With these devices, you can sanitise your dishes without worrying too much about high utility bills.
  4. Space-Saving Design: These Warewashers are specially designed to be installed underneath countertops, allowing for more efficient use of space in kitchens, which is especially beneficial for businesses that have limited space.
  5. Ease of Use: The controls on these Warewashers are easy to use, so any staff member will have no trouble operating them. The customisable settings enable you to adjust the wash cycle for different types of dishes.


Now, let’s take a closer look at some exceptional Undercounter Warewashers available at Middleby Australia.

1. UC25NDP Undercounter Warewasher

The UC25NDP Undercounter Warewasher is a top-notch recirculating warewasher designed with unbeatable cleaning results in mind. Its sophisticated recirculating washing system conserves water while delivering extraordinary washing performance, and the user-friendly control panel allows you to tailor wash cycles to your exact specifications. Learn more here.


2. SW400 Undercounter Smartwash Warewasher

The SW400 Undercounter Smartwash Warewasher is revolutionising dishwashing with its cutting-edge technology. Equipped with Smartwash, it automatically modifies the wash cycle duration to match the amount of dirt present, making sure your dishes come out sparkling while saving energy. Furthermore, this appliance is incredibly space-efficient and features a front-loading door, making it the ideal choice for any kitchen. For more information, click here.


3. SW500 Undercounter Smartwash Warewasher

This warewasher is the perfect choice for busy commercial kitchens, with its combination of power, efficiency, and customisable program options. Its Smartrinse technology guarantees a thorough cleaning every time while using minimal water. Learn more about the SW500 Undercounter Smartwash Warewasher.


4. SW500M | Undercounter Smartwash Warewasher

The SW500M is part of the Smartwash Warewasher line, which is characterised by a front-loading design for effortless loading and unloading of dishes. This model offers the same clever and efficient features of the Smartwash series with the bonus of a front-facing door. Take a closer look at the SW500M here.


5. SW900V Smartwash Warewasher

The SW900V Smartwash Warewasher is the perfect model for commercial kitchens with an ongoing requirement for dishwashing. This unit employs innovative V-Air technology to deliver outstanding cleaning performance that meets the highest hygiene standards. Check out the details on the SW900V.


6. SW900X Smartwash Warewasher

The SW900X is a smart pass-through model with added extras. The X-Boost feature enhances wash performance for heavily soiled items, and the X-Clean function keeps the machine clean and ready for action. See the SW900X here. The SW900X is a premium machine with added extras not found in other models. The X-Boost feature enhances wash performance for heavily soiled items, and the X-Clean function keeps the machine clean and ready for action.

Say goodbye to handwashing and hello to Undercounter Warewashers! On the cutting edge, these machines will help you streamline your dishwashing process, increase productivity, and achieve spotless results each time. Enjoy the convenience of these intelligent machines and the time you will save.



If you are striving to optimise your kitchen’s dishwashing performance, Middleby Australia provides quality undercounter warewashers which offer numerous advantages such as time-saving efficiency and eco-friendly operations.

Start the journey to a more organised and efficient kitchen now by looking into the Undercounter Warewashers mentioned above. Head to Middleby Australia’s website to find out more about these products and find out how they can transform your kitchen cleaning habits.

Ready to experience the convenience of Undercounter Warewashers? Click here to explore Middleby Australia‘s range of products and take your kitchen to the next level! Explore Now.

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