What Is a Ghost Kitchen And How It Can Benefit Your Restaurant


As the contemporary restaurant industry is constantly evolving the concept of a “ghost kitchen” becomes increasingly more popular, if not even a dominant segment of the professional kitchen industry.

That’s partially due to the fast evolution of the take-out and delivery model, which can be much more efficient and cost effective than the dining room operations, and as third-party delivery apps and services arise, the ghost kitchens trends and services are rising, too.

What Is a Ghost Kitchen?

In essence, a ghost kitchen represents a professional kitchen that conducts its operations without a classical kitchen counter and seating space that a regular restaurant provides customers with.

A ghost kitchen typically works with a significant amount of storage and resources available, as well as with an array of tools, ovens, dishwashers, and more.

For the most part, a ghost kitchen works through the help of third-party delivery apps and software that get the food delivered to customers where the customers interact with the kitchen via the app.

Ghost Kitchen Advantages

Compared to traditional kitchens, ghost kitchens provide restaurants with greater flexibility than traditional locations, especially in times when the COVID-19 pandemic is still present and there’s an increased number of consumers that want to order food for their homes.

The following are the two key advantages that ghost kitchens can provide for you as a restaurant business owner:

Lower Operating Expenses Perhaps the most significant benefit from ghost kitchen is the significant overhead cost reduction. In the current pandemic-affected time, the costs of opening a restaurant storefront can be costly for many. Ghost kitchens enable restaurateurs to save money on high cost rents, costly decor, as well as lighting that customers are not interested in when ordering from a ghost kitchen. This enables you to invest your money in other critical business aspects that improve efficiency and profits such as better commercial kitchen equipment and appliances.

Greater Operational Flexibility

As a restaurateur, you can use the ghost kitchen concept to expand your delivery-only menu, test out new dishes, improve what you offer to your customers, as well as improve the flexibility and open hours for your locations. Furthermore, let’s not forget the technology that you’ll be equipped with by introducing a ghost kitchen concept. You’ll use a variety of technologies and products that can streamline the food ordering, cooking, and delivery processes, as well as run all point-of-sale transactions from one single location.

Innovating with Middleby

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