Traditional vs. Modern Kitchens: What You Need to Know

Traditional vs. Modern Kitchens

As incredible as it seems from today’s perspective, restaurants and commercial kitchens did not always exist in the format we know them as today.

Of course, cooking and serving food has been around for centuries. However, the restaurant with a kitchen didn’t come into the limelight until the 18th century, when French chefs began to develop their own restaurants and serve distinctive menus.

Fast forward to the first half of the 20th century, the executive chef took charge of every kitchen operation, handling a dedicated team for everything, from dressings and salads to fish and meat stations.

Things have definitely evolved throughout the last two centuries in the restaurant world, with the trends and technological developments as the main driver behind those changes.

Trends of Changes

Throughout the decades, there have been major trends that influenced how commercial kitchens look and operate today, as well as the type of equipment used for each operation.

The modern customers constantly refine and evolve their food preferences, and in the last decade, we’ve witnessed a rise in the vegan culture and way of life, and today, all the serious restaurants must consider preparing vegan menus within their kitchens.

Another significant trend that emerged recently is the utilisation of organic and local produce. This trend continues to rise, and with more than 23 million hectares of Aussie organic soil, we remain the global leaders in agricultural land under certified organic management.

These two trends alone have caused massive changes within every commercial kitchen. Today, chefs are paying close attention to how to accommodate guests that savour organic and vegan menus, making sure they avoid using allergens and ensuring guests’ health in the process.

Technological Developments

Being at the forefront of commercial kitchen developments for over a century, we have a pretty good idea of how things have evolved when it comes to kitchens and food preparations.

For example, 40-50 years ago, a lot of the foodservice businesses were focused on quick and fried foods that were quick, delicious, but at the same time, unhealthy for the consumers.

Nowadays, even though people still eat fried foods, if they’re prepared by fryers that can cook the food in a healthier and consistent manner, it makes the entire experience healthier and convenient for both the consumers and the foodservice establishments.

Additionally, compared to the traditional kitchens from decades ago, today’s commercial kitchen technology is also aesthetically pleasing and more intuitive to work in.

Driven by consumer demands and restaurant requirements, Middleby’s technologies continue to make strides that commercial kitchens can’t imagine working without.

Our automated Eswood dishwashers are used in thousands of establishments and are arguably the best commercial dishwashers on the market, saving loads of electricity, water, and labour costs in the process.

The combi ovens that we deliver to our clients for heating meals and ingredients are critical for the modern cooking processes, so chefs can continue to cook the food to perfection.

The Internet of Things (IoT) also took over the commercial kitchens by utilising data to help kitchen operators run the kitchens more effectively. A lot of what our ‘Open Kitchen’ program and cloud-based AI can do for commercial kitchens is simply astonishing!

Modern is Better

Today’s commercial cooking equipment is focused on lessening labour and energy waste while adding valuable functionality and opening up additional space in the kitchen.

Things have evolved for a reason. With today’s commercial cooking technology at hand, food service businesses have the tools to work better, smarter, and faster while exceeding customer expectations and requirements.

There’s a reason why some of the biggest restaurants and foodservice businesses work with Middleby. Whether you’re a restaurant or a hotel that looks for the latest commercial kitchen advancements, contact us today for a tailormade plan that meets your demands.

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