The Perfect Fry Every Time: Introducing the Pitco VF65+S

Pitco VF65+S

The right fryer can make or break your restaurant menu. With so many options on the market, knowing which fryer is the perfect fit for your kitchen and your budget can be challenging.

At the minimum, it needs to be versatile enough to handle a wide variety of different dishes and allow your chefs to have complete control over the temperature to ensure the perfect fry. 

In addition to that, cleanup needs to be quick and easy to allow your staff to get back to other important tasks. It’s also essential that it is reliable enough not to break down in the middle of the dinner rush!

This can seem like a daunting task, which is why we are introducing the Pitco VF65+S to not only cater to all your expectations but surpass them. 

The Pitco VF65+S


We could talk about the fully welded tank with a stunning peened finish for easy cleaning. We could mention the incredibly durable, high-temperature alloy stainless steel baffles mounted in the heat exchanger tubes to provide maximum heating and combustion.

We could even mention the thermostat that maintains the selected temperature automatically between 93°C (200°F) and 190°C (400°F) to ensure a consistent temperature for that perfect cook, or the massive 39 Litre oil capacity and two frying baskets that allow you to serve more delicious meals in half the time.

But in the end, features are nowhere near as important as benefits.

So let’s take a closer look at what the benefits of the Pitco VF65+S Fryer are.

The Pitco VF65+S boasts a quick recovery time, allowing you to cook your most popular dishes in record time, with minimal downtime between fries. This helps to keep your customers satisfied and your chefs busy, all the while making sure that your waiters are earning their keep. 

It’s compact and efficient, making it perfect for restaurants with limited floor space, but it can still accommodate large fries thanks to its large oil capacity and two fry baskets. 

Its fry baskets are large enough to accommodate almost anything on your menu and come with a rack to catch any crumbs and debris that break away during the cooking process, making cleanup a breeze.   

Speaking of cleanup, the cleaner your fryer, the better tasting your food. That’s why the Pitco VF65+S is one of our easiest-to-clean models, featuring a fully stainless steel surface to prevent any food from sticking to the welds and keeping your food delicious, your staff happy, and your kitchen hygienic. 

And we haven’t even mentioned the fact that it’s incredibly safe and super easy to use!

The VF65+S comes with an integrated control valve that keeps gas from flowing to the burner until the pilot flame is lit, and it shuts the gas off automatically if the pilot flame goes out. 

It also comes with a rapid temperature limit switch which turns off the gas if the unit’s heat exceeds the safety limit.

In short, the Pitco VF65+S is the superior fryer because it can do more for less. It offers a more even fry, is easier to clean and uses less energy to get to the required temperatures. It also boasts incredible safety features that help prevent malfunctions and kitchen accidents. 

Visit our website to get yours! 

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