The New ESWOOD IW3N Glasswasher: Upgraded & Updated

The New ESWOOD IW3N Glasswasher Upgraded & Updated

At Middleby Australia, we make and sell high-quality glasswashers from specialist brands such as Eswood, a range that offers the latest automation and touch technologies, with features geared towards making your restaurant and kitchen run efficiently. 

From crowded fine dining restaurants to busy hotels, high-end commercial warewashing equipment is integral to successful food service and hospitality establishments.

As specialists in the commercial kitchen segment, we always upgrade our products and provide more for our clients, and we want to make sure that they’re informed about the latest technologies that we have in stock.

The ESWOOD IW3N is a commercial grade under bench glasswasher that will give you the clean, professional results your customers have come to expect.


Designed With Efficiency in Mind

All ESWOOD commercial glasswashers are manufactured to make the kitchen staff’s experience as efficient as possible. ESWOOD IW3N provides one-touch control panels for a quick wash and rinse programs that enable you to comply with HACCP food safety standards while always maintaining clean glassware for your guests.  

The ESWOOD IW3N incorporates a powerful wash pump and boost heater to maintain optimum wash quality and fast turnaround of up to 1800 glasses per hour. The simple push-button controls activate the fully automatic operation with either a hot cycle or a hot cycle followed by a cooling cycle. Moreover, it boasts the new digital temperature display for easy temperature recording in controlled environments.

All in all, the IW3N conforms to the highest health and sanitary standards, meeting FSANZ safe food codes and certifications in HACCP and WaterMark!


Upgrades and Product Specifications

Let’s face it, no one wants to receive a complaint regarding a dirty plate or stained glassware. A quality glasswasher like IW3N keeps the service smooth and maintains the highest hygiene standards in the kitchen.

The new ESWOOD IW3N includes a stronger element of 3.5KW that allows reduced recovery time by 45% using 15 Amps with the help of a smart controller that switches powers to the element when pumps are not running.

At first, the machine needs the eight cycles to stabilise and achieve 72 sec. of recovery time between washes after the 8th wash. It is Ideal for continuous runs with a 78-degree centigrade rinse cycle for sanitising. Recommended inlet water temperature is 60 degrees centigrade or more.

Updated Features Before After
Heating element rating (KW) 2.4 3.5
Current rating ( Amps ) 15 15
Wash cycle ( seconds ) 50 50
Capacity ( standard glass units) 30 30
Cycles required for stabilising 8 8
Recovery time between after stable ( seconds ) 120 72


DIMENSIONS (WxDxH) 510 x 550 x 875 mm
RACK SIZE – G74N (WxD) 430 x 360 or 400 x 400 mm
WEIGHT 40 kg
WATER SUPPLY 65°C / 1-4 bar (15-58 psi)
PACKED 0.2 m3
MEAL SERVICE 1800 glasses / hour
WASH CYCLE 50 sec Hot Cycle

50 sec Hot & Cold Cycle


Hot & 3L Cold Cycle



Purchasing a glasswasher such as the newly updated ESWOOD IW3N is a big decision. There are several key aspects that you must consider, including:

  • Demand Levels: How many glasses do you need to serve per hour? Will the IW3N output match your current demand level during peak hours?
  • Available Space: Where can you place your glasswasher? This is a machine that is ideal to be operated near your serving area, where you can keep up with the demand and make your service as efficient as possible.


Middleby Australia is your all-inclusive partner when it comes to Commercial Kitchen Equipment.

Through the 70+ commercial kitchen equipment brands available, we’ve been in the industry for over a century, and we have the experience and expertise to provide you nothing but the finest of the glassware technology, such as the IW3N by ESWOOD.

For further details and information about the product, get in touch via our contact page or phone, we’re here to help! 


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