The Future Is Today: Robotic Kitchens as The New Reality

Robotics and device automation are actively changing the globe across many facets and industries, and the non-stop development represents the foundation on which robotics companies will make further progress in the foodservice industry.  

Moreover, with the oscillating economy, increased competition, and with Australia facing increasing staff shortages, restaurants are under immense pressure to bring more than just delicious food and  a great environment to the table.

Technology transforms the way commercial kitchens work and improves the quality of their service, and every year, brand-new technology is being developed and perfected to automate more of the essential restaurant operations.

That is why many restaurants have embraced automation and robotics to improve their operations, save resources, and manage the staff’s energy while maintaining the level of speed and service at the same time.

Why Kitchen Robotics Matter Today

We used to watch robots run kitchens and restaurants in the movies. Nowadays, that has become our new reality. With recent AI, robotics, and IoT development, a robotic kitchen is no longer a wild imagination!

If you’re a professional chef, the concept of a team of robots as sous-chefs with the abilities of a master-chef that you can assign them with can address any shortfall in preparing and serving the food for the customers.

With the AI and IoT emergence, commercial kitchen appliances can communicate with each other and share digital data between themselves and the humans that operate with them, relieving lots of man-hours for the restaurant staff of repetitive and time-consuming tasks.  

Almost every task in the commercial kitchen environment can be transformed by robotics & automation, adding more to the major advantages of the technologies such as labour cost savings, precise product quality and enhanced health and safety in the venue. 

Middleby Corporation & Robotics: Made for Each Other

Headquartered in Freemont, US, L2F has been engineering food service with the same accuracy that puts rockets in space, electric vehicles on every road, and robots in kitchens. 

Since 2011, L2F has helped companies innovate and bring new ideas from the lab to full-scale products, and Middleby’s extensive network of foodservice equipment companies, with our track record for unlimited innovation in the commercial kitchen space makes us the perfect match for the robotic kitchen visions of the future to come true.

​L2F further solidifies our position as the global leader in industrial kitchen appliances and keeps us on the cutting edge of foodservice automation. Watch the following video to see L2F & Middleby’s technologies together in action:

Wrapping Up

The future is here, and it is brimming with robotics and IoT technologies as more and more brands continue investing in appliances and technologies that help them resolve day-to-day challenges.

Investing in these innovations might be exactly what you need at this point of transition for the restaurant industry. Although robots can’t replace the creativity of a human chef, for now, they can help you reduce work hours and add more staff or replace staff when necessary.

The foodservice and the hospitality industries could benefit immensely from integrating robots into their kitchens, and thankfully, those are the solutions we’re bringing for the sector with L2F.

From chef to delivery and barista robots, the possibilities for the commercial kitchen and restaurant industries are endless. With the increasing hardware and software developments, it’s not difficult to envision a future with our android pals.

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