Restaurant kitchen design and flow

It’s no surprise that almost every customer of a restaurant has wondered what is currently happening in the kitchen, how their ordered dish will be prepared and served before being brought out onto their table.

Almost everyone would like to get into the sanctum of the chef, to lift the veil over the secrets of his mastery. For the realisation of these customer wishes, restaurants with an open kitchen work well. Cooking there can be a real theatrical action, the audience – which are customers, the director and the main character is the chef, and the theatre troupe is the service staff.

Several types of open kitchen

  • The kitchen is located in the centre of the dining space, seats are located around, and the room hidden from the eyes of people, where the kitchen staff will perform routine operations for cleaning and preparing vegetables and other products, is located in the back of house.
  • The kitchen is hidden behind glass. With this approach, not only the cooking process is visible, but also the entire range of cooking equipment.
  • The cooking preparation is located into the dining space, where the customer chooses their dishes on the spot and at the same time monitors the preparation of food.
  • Video cameras are installed in the kitchen, and the image is transmitted to the screens in the dining area for

Advantages of the restaurant’s open kitchen for its customers

Satisfying curiosity:

Who, at least once, did not want to get into the restaurant kitchen? To the place where food is created, where the difficult-to-pronounce words of the menu turn into a fragrant, delicious dish.

Liberation from distrust and doubt:

Psychologists note that the principle of an open kitchen contributes to the creation of the effect of the client’s trust in the restaurant. What you have seen firsthand works better than thousands of advertising slogans and commercials, all doubts about the quality of products and the work of staff disappear.

Turning a tedious wait into a fascinating spectacle:

It’s one thing to sit at a set table, staring at an empty plate, waiting for your order. It’s quite another thing to see how your order is getting prepared..

Special requirements for the equipment of an open kitchen

Functionality and Attractive design

Representation in such a process is an important feature. Aesthetics and ergonomics take the leading places – forms and colour design should be absolutely attractive, have style and charm. The backlight and the use of transparent elements to demonstrate processes are part of the mandatory conditions.

The open kitchen is a place of production, not just service. The best type of location for equipment in an awesome design that creates maximum comfort when working and does not affect customer view while still allowing access to all necessary range products from cooking tables – which also provide convenient locations where chefs can get their hands on whatever they need at any time!

Comfort and compactness

The action takes place in a limited space, but requires many diverse operations. The main task of the equipment is to ensure the convenience of work.


Sometimes the best impression during the demonstration can left by a wok and grill, a small-capacity steam convector or a convection oven equipped with large glass doors to improve the view.


With open working areas, ventilation is a big concern. The air intake and supply system should prevent entering of any odours into your restaurant dining space so it’s important that you equip this area with appropriate ventilation for all types of cooking appliances – even if only one or two will be used at a time!

With a vast range of kitchen equipment, Middleby Australia offers exceptional design and functionality to suit any restaurant. With our highly qualified specialists on hand for assistance with your open-plan cooking needs – you’ll be able create the perfect atmosphere in no time!

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