Renewable Energy in Commercial Kitchens

Running a successful restaurant business is not only about delivering the best possible experience for your customers. It is also about greater sustainability and efficient energy management.

Indeed, with the unpredictable climate changes and the rise of energy costs due to the unpredictable economy, restaurants must now focus on safer energy consumption while capitalizing on renewable energy sources.

Thus, whether you’re about to open a brand-new restaurant or commercial kitchen, or you want to revamp the current one, investing in renewable induction energy can help you reduce energy loss, protect the environment, and improve your profits.

Investing in Energy-Efficient Equipment

Businesses of any industry contemplate their efforts for reducing their negative impact on the environment, and restaurants are no exception. Today, the foodservice and hospitality sectors are more than ready to revolutionize according to nature’s requirements.

Energy efficiency and sustainability continue to make strides into the foodservice and hospitality sector, and decreasing energy consumption and the decarbonization of the commercial kitchen became a priority.

The first step towards using renewable energy technology for a restaurant is to invest in smart and energy-saving commercial kitchen equipment. Thus, before purchasing your new commercial kitchen equipment, conduct thorough research of the appliances that will bring the best efficiency ROI for your money.

Old Is Expensive, New Is Better

In general, there are a couple of options when looking for commercial kitchen equipment for your restaurant. One is to purchase brand-new unused equipment, and the other is to either rent or buy one that is already used.

Sure, used equipment always seems more affordable at first glance. But, maintaining it puts you at risk of costly repairs. On the other hand, brand-new commercial kitchen equipment is unblemished, warrantied, and you won’t have to worry about expensive repairs.

If you’re planning to replace your used or older commercial kitchen appliances, invest in one with the Middleby logo on it, and use the power of our innovative and renewable energy commercial kitchen equipment brands such as Goldstein.

Goldstein has been creating world-class cooking technology since 1911. Throughout the century, the company always evolved with something new and exciting for the commercial kitchen teams, most recently the innovative electric induction range that will develop even further for any need and any kitchen operation.  

Switching to All-Electric Kitchen Is Inevitable

Commercial kitchen appliances are often powered by methane, which contributes to global warming nearly 30 times higher than CO2, impacting the environment beyond the kitchen as a result due to the amount of natural gas that is entering the atmosphere.

This is why it’s no wonder that environmentally responsible high-end restaurants switch to all-electric kitchens. With full electrification, commercial kitchens can attain full decarbonization and eliminate the usage of fossil fuels, particularly natural gas.

According to Guardian Australia, the future is already looking gas-free for Australia, as gas-burning stoves come with downsides for people’s health and financial plans. Furthermore, as written by Forbes, induction is coming on strong in the commercial kitchen industry.

Wrapping Up

Many restaurateurs still don’t realize that each time they turn on their old gas equipment, they’re inadvertently spending energy, losing profits, and contaminating the environment as a result.

It all comes down to achieving the ultimate performance while safeguarding and renewing the planet’s resources. While we agree that gas is still necessary, induction is today and the future of safe and energy-efficient cooking, reducing the cooking time in the process.

All-electric commercial kitchens provide many major benefits, including precise cooking controls, and working with energy-efficient induction technologies, safeguarding valuable electric energy that won’t go to waste as a result.

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