Quick Tips on How to Increase the Service Life of Commercial Deep Fryers

Increase the Service Life of Commercial Deep Fryers

French fries, wings, onion rings, delicious! Everyone loves them. And as a restauranteur, if you own a fryer, you’ll know that it must always be in top condition for you to prepare those foods, especially during peak hours.

Well-maintained commercial deep fryers can last up to more than a decade! This is a huge ROI for most restaurant operators but does require constant upkeep and care. If fried foods are a staple on your menu, the breakdown of a fryer could result in thousands of dollars of lost revenue!

To help restaurant leaders and operators understand the ins and outs of their fryers and how to avoid major cost pitfalls, we have compiled quick tips you need to know about in order to increase the service life of your commercial frying equipment!

Take Cleaning Seriously

While your kitchen must be spotless before and after service hours, at least once per week, you need to schedule a detailed cleanse of your commercial deep fryer to make sure that it will still work in peak condition.

Make sure that the surface surrounding the fryer is cleared of any food residues and that the basket does not contain any used oil that is ready for discarding. Clean the fryer basket/s thoroughly, rinse with warm water, and dry carefully to prevent grease from building up.

Filter Oil Regularly

When you purchase a deep fryer that has a scheduled filtration system, you must use the feature if you want the oil to last longer and the food to keep its quality and great smell. 

Filter the oil according to what you fry and how often (for example, chicken leaves more debris and requires frequent oil filtrations).

Boil Out Twice Per Year

You must boil out your deep fryer at least twice per year to remove heating residues and forgotten food deposits. If you don’t, these tiny pieces that are invisible to the naked eye can cause corrosion and moreover, issues to the overall performance of the fryer.

Afterwards, clean the fryer with a specialised brush, and rinse carefully with water. Then, pour the new oil and start using the deep fryer again!

Work With Professionals

If you’re not sure how to maintain your deep fryer, start looking for help from your fryer dealer or manufacturer. They know the ins and outs of the appliance the best, and they know how to inspect the fryer for possible issues.

Just like any other top-of-the-line commercial kitchen equipment, deep fryers ask for professional and regular maintenance to stay efficient and effective. 

Trust Middleby Australia for purchasing the best deep fryers on the market, with long-term warranties and regular inspections/repairs!

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