NIECO MV63-2 Flame Broiler

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In 1969, Nieco® began developing custom solutions to the most common challenges in restaurant kitchens when we installed our first automatic flame broiler in Tomorrowland at Disneyland®. Nieco innovations include automatic broiling that cooks twice as fast, equipment that uses less energy, keeps your kitchen cooler, and reduces emissions, keeping your kitchen cleaner too. We are proud to introduce the next generation of Nieco’s automatic flame broilers for our customers.



  • Large capacity cooking chamber — 15% larger cook zone for higher volume and more powerful, consistent production when you need it most
  • Nieco BroilVectionTM technology for faster cook times, quicker service and signature flame-broiled flavour
  • Offered in a variety of flow and feeder configurations
  • Next-generation BroilVectionTM upper and lower burner system simplifies daily cleaning requirements. Clean lower burner weekly and upper system monthly.
  • Improved heat-balance and grease-management system controls flaming
  • IoT capable, programmable touch screen controls for easy operation, training and added flexibility