CiBO+ | High Speed Oven

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High Speed Oven, electric

  • Pizza Capacity 1 x 12”
  • Gastronorm Capacity GN2/3
  • Capacity 23 L


  • CiBO+ utilises a unique tri-heat technology. Microwave, TurboAir, and ContactBase, combined deliver unrivaled quality, speed, and consistency.
  • TurboAir distributes high-speed airflow in a cylindrical pattern over the food for fast even colouration.
  • Adjustable temperature control, rapid heat up, and cooking on the toughened neo ceram ContactBase delivers perfect base colouration and crispiness – there are no soggy bottoms with CiBO+!
  • A rear launched microwave with a stirrer brings speed to the cooking process.
  • Achieve the same high quality results for every order.
    Simply press any one of the 40 menu items on the QPad touch screen and the oven will do the rest.
  • Easily customise the position of menu items or recipe settings to suit your business with Touch & Change. Just touch what you want to change.
  • 395mm x 665mm compact footprint with a generous sized oven. CIBO+ can fit anywhere yet still deliver a 12” pizza.
  • No installation required – plug in and cook.
  • Utilise non-traditional spaces with ventless technology.
  • Antimicrobial protection reduces the spread of viruses on touch points
  • Manufactured in the UK

Standard accessories
Paddle with handguard and sides
Non-stick Teflon Tray
Non-stick Teflon Sheets
CiBO+ Sparkle Oven Cleaner
CiBO+ Protect Oven Shield

Optional accessories
Egg Tray, Paddle Hanger, Non Stick Baking Tray, Wire Rack for Cibo Ovens, Stacking Trolley

Dimensions (WxDxH)
395 x 728 x 640 mm