Our Client – Froth Craft Brewery Bunbury Western Australia

South-West W.A’s lovingly titled ‘Froth Craft Bunbrewery’ is Bunbury’s inaugural microbrewery and has now opened its doors as of July 2022. Froth Craft Bunbrewery’s point of difference boils down to creating memorable experiences that cater to all. It is a multifaceted ‘part’ place. Part brewery, part restaurant, part cultural hub, part family venue, part theater, part beer garden, part function venue, part local meeting spot, and part employer. A progressive venue that takes an active part in the community and one you’ll want to be ‘a part of’. Froth first opened its doors in February of 2017 with a goal to bring hand-crafted beer, creative food pairings, culture and arts to the World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef region.

Business Solution

The keys to their success has been good vibes, good food and the overall look and feel of their restaurant; it all has to play together. Simultaneously, continually growing and learning as a business has been of the utmost importance to the three owners of Froth.

The Challenge

Froth was looking for a way to ensure that a pizza oven can keep up with the demand of a busy tourist spot in town, operating outside an extraction canopy with such a small footprint. Their chef was originally concerned that the small amount of available space would never allow them to make enough pizzas of a high enough quality to meet demand, and their own high standards.

The Solution

Froth approached Middleby Australia and other potential suppliers and ultimatley decided on the TurboChef Double Batch Rapd Cook Oven Middleby for its innovative solutions backed by customer support. After further review of the TurboChef Ventless High-Speed Impingement Ovens, we were pleased to find that the TurboChef Double Batch oven can bake a large number of meals every day without compromising quality. The Double Batch oven has two independent cavities that circulate impinged air at speeds of up to 50 mph to create high heat transfer rates and reduced cook times. The oven utilises variable speed blowers, oscillating racks, and a catalytic converter, resulting in minimal energy requirements, high food quality, and ventless operation. TurboChef’s patented High-h air impingement technology decreases cook times by 40–50% compared to traditional batch cooking.

Business Results

By purchasing the TurboChef oven, Froth Craft Brewery was able to serve over 6,000 high-quality pizzas from its extensive menu between July 2022 and December 2022.

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