Middleby Australia Success Stories: The Smoke Pit


Since slicing up their very first barbecued brisket at a humble car show in Thomastown back in 2015, The Smoke Pit became synonymous with the Melbourne food scene with their Texas-style BBQ.

Creating food that is good takes time, dedication, passion, but most of all, it takes the right equipment and tools that ensure superior smoked meat and mouth-watering foods are served every time!

This is why The Smoke Pit chose Pitco Solstice Supreme SSH75-FD/FFF Gas Fryer, which maximizes throughput and is ideal for preparing large volumes of food in a short time.


The Importance of Premium Kitchen Equipment

According to The Smoke Pit owner Mr Steven ‘Fano’ Konstandaro, from a business perspective, they looked for three major factors when choosing a premium kitchen equipment – efficiency, consistency, reliability:

“Efficiency refers to minimal running costs including gas, power, and labour. Consistency because we want our customer to have a consistent quality product each and every-time. Our kitchen performance is dependent on reliability and performance first every time.”

Resolving The Kitchen’s Pain Points

“The Pitco Solstice Supreme Fryers enabled our kitchen to manufacture larger volumes of food in a shorter period of time without compromising quality. Recovery times in between cooks has sped up our cook times and increased our kitchen cooking output.”


The Decision-Making Process

For The Smoke Pit, what truly made them decide on Pitco was without a doubt the oil saving and lover utility costs per year:

“Since using the Pitco Solstice Supreme Fryers we have seen the savings on oil. We anticipate a saving of 1200Lt per year for the amount of frying we do here at The Smoke Pit which translates into a considerable sum of money. This made our decision to proceed with the purchase very simple and easy.”

Technology Adoption and Reception

“Originally the staff were a little overwhelmed but now it has become second nature. Great support and training from Middleby Australia has been the key and now staff feel very confident using this unit.”

Value of Purchasing Pitco Solstice Supreme for Commercial Kitchens

Besides the gas, oil, and utility costs savings, there are lots of other benefits that came into fruition by purchasing Pitco Solstice Supreme Fryers via Middleby Australia:

“The staff seem a lot happier and less stressed in the kitchen. They are safer as they never have to be exposed to hot oil. The Pitco Solstice Supreme takes care of that via the Filtration System. Filtering the oil only takes a few minutes and the process is a lot easier as the Pitco filters quickly, safely, and efficiently.”

With their new Pitco Solstice Supreme Fryers, The Smoke Pit expects the team will experience even further energy, oil, and utility costs savings, reduced labor cost, and a safer environment overall. Proud to be of service!

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