Middleby Australia Success Stories: St Vincent’s Private Hospital Fitzroy

As a full-service private hospital and a leading healthcare provider, the St Vincent’s Private Hospital Fitzroy must ensure an excellent and efficient food preparation and serving process without compromising the quality and nutrition necessary for its patients.

Seeking perfection, energy efficiency, and speed when preparing more than 500 meals for more than 500 people at mealtime was the obvious goal that the kitchen staff strived to achieve. This was an important consideration in the purchasing process for equipping the new kitchen with equipment which was expected to immediately impact the chefs’ performance.

After considering their options, their choice came down to the TurboChef i3 Oven, which maximizes throughput and versatility with its large cavity size and ability to cook with any metal pan up to a half-size sheet pan.

The Importance of Premium Kitchen Equipment

According to Chef Dinesh M, from the hospital’s perspective, having the best appliances is the only way to ensure that the patients are fed quickly and efficiently without saving on the food’s nutrition and quality:

It makes it easier for our team to meet meal delivery times especially in a hospital the size of St Vincent’s where sometimes we may be serving between 500 to 550 meals at any given mealtime.

Resolving The Kitchen’s Pain Points

Regardless of how large the kitchen is, space is a precious commodity, and chefs could never have enough of it, especially when taking the traditional large ovens and their gigantic design contours into consideration:

“Some commercial kitchens are limited with the equipment currently within their original design specification. What if we need a new menu item and our equipment limits our menu options? We need a solution and TurboChef provides us with this solution. We can offer new menu items without a large scale re-design of our kitchen.”

The Decision-Making Process

For the St Vincent’s Private Hospital Fitzroy, expanding its bed capacity and kitchen team set a new challenge of producing between 100 to 150 extra meals per day:

“We needed a way to provide us with a quick & consistent result in the cooking process. When we were considering TurboChef we now knew that we had found the right piece of equipment to take up this challenge!”.

The Technology Adoption and Reception

As expected, the rapid oven cooking technology was a brand-new experience for many chefs who haven’t prepared a meal with TurboChef before. But the usability and the efficient process made everyone feel much more confident at the St Vincent’s Private Hospital Fitzroy kitchen:

“Our Chef’s don’t like to compromise the nutrition value of food to our patients and staff, and they take very seriously their dietary requirements. The TurboChef Multi-Function programmability means we can deliver on these very important aims.”

The Value of Purchasing TurboChef for Commercial Kitchens

“Go for it, I would have a TurboChef in all of my kitchens”expressed Chef Dinesh M with excitement, as he continued to list the additional incentives that motivated them to contact Middleby Australia for the purchase and the install process:

  • Replacing multiple pieces of equipment at once
  • Excellent for a fast-paced kitchen environment
  • Ventless – does not require an exhaust canopy
  • Low cost of operation and efficient
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to use and easy to program.

With their new TurboChef i3 Ovens, St Vincent’s Private Hospital Fitzroy expects the kitchen will further improve upon the recent food preparation efficiency progress, reducing costs for electricity and energy while ensuring a timely, nutritious, and most importantly, healthy meal for the patients. Proud to be of assistance!   

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