Meet Our New Operations Manager

Effective 1st November 2019

We are delighted to confirm the promotion of Abdullah Naeem to the role of Operations Manager - Middleby Australia.

Abdullah joined Middleby Australia as a Lean Six Sigma Project Manager in June 2019.

His background and proven track record of career growth working as a Manager in the world leading Toyota Production System (TPS) have proven invaluable in the changes he has implemented in his brief tenure to date.

In his first few months Abdullah has implemented lean six sigma practices to deliver significant improvements in the fabrication and assembly processes of the Goldstein and Eswood factory operations. The outcome of which has been a >50% increase in productivity output which has increased the availability of Goldstein and Eswood SKU’s by >100% during the period.

Simultaneously to the improvements in productivity, Abdullah has improved Safety awareness in the factory and has diligently commenced a cultural shift to Safety First which is strongly endorsed and supported by Middleby Corporation.

Additionally, Abdullah is leading the cross functional team to deliver the New Product Introductions for the Goldstein Ultimate cooking series and the Eswood ware wash portfolio as witnessed at the recent Sydney Fine Foods exhibition.

In his new expanded role, Abdullah will be focused on the continual improvement of all aspects of the Operations with the primary aim to deliver world class Quality Assured products for our food service customers that are “Designed and Manufactured in Australia”. He will achieve this by continuing to deploy the DMAIC process methodology to identify and prioritise design and process improvements from supply chain through to finish goods, deploy lean tools and develop a kaizen culture with the primary aims to eliminating non-value add activity and the continual improvement of operational efficiency.

We would like to personally thank Abdullah for his transformational contribution and his dedication to continually improve. We are very proud to have him as part of our Senior Leadership Team and wish him continued success in the new role.

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