Meet our New Customer Service Manager

Effective 12th February 2020

I am delighted to confirm the promotion of Aimee McDonald to the newly formed role of Customer Service Manager – Middleby Australia.

Aimee initially joined Goldstein Eswood in 2014 as a Service Coordinator. In the interim period Aimee has spent some time working with a Goldstein Dealer and after returning to Goldstein Eswood in 2017 Aimee was promoted to the role of Lead Service Coordinator.

In her role as Lead Service Coordinator Aimee has identified, developed and implemented process improvements in service management, spare parts and data entry which have resulted in improved customer satisfaction. Aimee, was instrumental in the introduction of Mendrhub, a new service management software system designed to improve accountability, traceability and customer experience in the after-market service team.

In 2019 Aimee was promoted to Executive Assistant to support the many change initiatives we were embarking on. Aimee helped with the merging to introduce one Middleby Australia and she led the organisation and implementation of the outstanding Fine Foods trade show booth.

In this new role, Aimee will be responsible for the newly merged sales & order processing team, the aftermarket service team and the after-market spare parts sales team through the formation of a single Customer Service Department.

We firmly believe that merging these two essential departments will result in improved end to end Customer satisfaction, ie. from order placement through to looking after our equipment for it’s full useful life in the kitchen!

I would like to thank Aimee for her contribution to improving Middleby Australia and her enthusiasm and commitment to taking on this challenging role. We are very proud to have Aimee as part of our Leadership Team and I personally wish her great success in this new role.

We are ONE Middleby


Joseph Farah

General Manager Middleby Australia

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