Goldstein – more than 100 years in Australian restaurant kitchens

When buying kitchen equipment for our restaurant, we want it to be not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also durable.

Quality matters. Hardly anyone will argue with this. We all want, when purchasing any price of equipment, to get a quality product that will last us as long as possible. We want to purchase reliable product that we can depend on its durability for years to come.

When buying high quality products, you are essentially purchasing a level of certainty that your product will last well beyond its warranty period, particularly if you have put in the effort to maintain your equipment as per manufacturers recommendations.

Thus, quality, warranty and good service are the cornerstones when making a purchase decision. Goldstein is a brand that manufactures a comprehensive range of commercial cooking equipment for the commercial kitchen and hospitality markets which simply stands for quality, durability, warranty and good service.

Goldstein was established in 1911. Many years have passed since then. The company, which started as a small family business, today has a manufacturing facility in Smithfield, New South Wales. With distribution and after-sales service offices located nationally,you can always count on timely and high-quality service.

All Goldstein products have a 12-month warranty. But that’s not all. For at least 10 years after your purchase, you can be sure that any necessary OEM spare parts are always available. We know that Goldstein units will last a long time, but if something happens even after 10 years, you will not need to buy new kitchen appliances. That is why the Goldstein is a unique example of dedication and care for Australian customers.

Goldstein offers the best equipment for Australian kitchens, producing a wide range of commercial kitchen appliances.

Today, Goldstein offers unique features that experienced chefs will appreciate:

  • Large grease trays for longer service times;
  • Powerful burners to help in fast paced environments;
  • Designed burners for even cooking;
  • Grill plates 20mm thick to hold temperatures;
  • Complete Match Ranged line up;
  • Enamel covered ovens;
  • Oven Ranges offered with optional features including Gas or Electric, and Static, Convection, or Fan Forced oven.

Created for hardworking kitchens, Goldstein products will not let you down. They are made in Australia specifically for Australian customers. By buying Goldstein products, you support Australian design, manufacturing and service.

Proven in the market, robust and built to last – Goldstein will stay in your kitchen for a long time.

Please contact us for any questions on our Goldstein products. Our highly qualified experts have all the necessary knowledge and experience to help you decide what the right products are that fits your needs.

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