Different Types of Commercial Ovens: A Quick Guide

Looking for a brand-new commercial oven to upgrade your restaurant kitchen? Or you’re about to open your foodservice business and you need the centerpiece of the kitchen – the right oven?  

Whatever you need, you’re in the right place! Middleby Australia manufactures and stocks multiple types of commercial ovens from our high-end brands such as Middleby Marshall, TurboChef, Nu-Vu, and Goldstein.

But what are the various models that we offer on the market, and which one is the best for your foodservice establishment? Read our quick guide and find out.

Types of Commercial Ovens

With the right commercial oven, the field of work and possibilities for your restaurant are limitless.

From the must-have convection oven to a high-speed cooking technology oven, you need to choose the right types that can cook an entire menu in a flash:

  • COMMERCIAL CONVECTION OVENS: These are ovens that move hot air around the cavity with the help of fans, reducing cold air space, allowing chefs to prepare larger menus and bathes swiftly and evenly, which brings greater output and more profits. It is perfect for a bakery or a restaurant.
  • COMMERCIAL COMBI OVENS: A combi (combination) oven uses multiple different methods to cook a menu, such as steaming, convection, and heat, which improve cooking quality and efficiency. This enables chefs to boil, bake, grill, steam, and fry all in one unit, replacing any individual unit, saving your space to fit more technology as a result.
  • COMMERCIAL PIZZA OVENS: A commercial pizza oven allows for a quick cooking power that keeps up with the demand of any pizza place or restaurant. This oven is manufactured for durability and fast performance, increasing the efficiency of any pizzeria to new levels, and better profits.
  • COMMERCIAL CONVEYOR OVENS: These ovens work with a conveyor belt that moves food through heated tunnels at a predefined speed, depending on how well-cooked the food needs to be. Most of our conveyor ovens also offer impingement technology that reduces cooking time.
  • COOK & HOLD COMMERCIAL OVENS: As the name implies, the cook & hold ovens are used for cooking and storing the cooked food at a specific temperature, ready to serve. This is the perfect oven if you want to introduce slow cooking options in your kitchen, planned for specific serving hours in advance.
  • RAPID-COOK COMMERCIAL OVENS: A rapid cook commercial oven is a piece of must-have equipment for any restaurant. Even though they can be a significant financial investment for the business, they offer a lot of value in return, including fast cooking times, quick service operations, and greater convenience.

Not sure which commercial oven types are the right fit for your restaurant? We are here to make the decision-making process easier for you! Get in touch with us today, or book a demonstration at our specialized facilities where you can see the desired cooking technology in action!  

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