Best Equipment options for a Cafe in Australia.

In this article, we will outline some of our most popular equipment options for successful cafes in Australia.


Best Equipment options for a Cafe in Australia.

So you’re thinking of starting a Cafe. You’ve made a great choice. A cafe can be an incredibly rewarding and profitable business but you need to make sure you have everything in order to ensure you can compete with the already existing cafe culture in Australia. Although making the perfect cappuccino, freshly grinding beans and customer service is paramount, there’s more to opening a cafe than just coffee. Additional food offerings can really separate you from your competitors, increase your revenue and provide unique food options that will keep your customers coming back.

Nearly 19 million Australians consume at least one cup of coffee a day and 23% of those choose to start their day with a wake-up commuter coffee to shake that post-sleep dreariness!

Food and Beverage offerings


You firstly need to decide what you will be offering. Will you only be serving coffee? Pastries too? Breakfast? Dine in or takeaway only? The cafe scene in Australia has grown exponentially in the past decade but so has our love for good coffee. Understanding what you will be offering will determine your workflow with front and back of house, the products you need and, most importantly, the equipment you need to run your cafe. 

A great place to start is by reading The Great Good Place. A book by Ray Oldenburg, which details Cafés, Coffee Shops, Bookstores, Bars, Hair Salons and Other Hangouts at the Heart of a Community. Outlining what it is that makes a venue so special and memorable. SBS also has a great piece on the basics on how to start a cafe called: How To: Start A Cafe

Once you have found a venue and understand what you will be offering, you need to choose your equipment. Choosing the right equipment is a key factor for the success of your cafe. You need to be able to maximise quality control of your menu items, deliver perfect coffees and food every time, be efficient to save costs and handle the demands of a fast paced environment – no one likes waiting for their morning coffee and toasty!  

In this article, we will outline some of our most popular equipment options for successful cafes in Australia. 

coffee Best Equipment options for a Cafe in Australia.

Things to consider when choosing equipment for your cafe.


The brand – Make sure that you buy quality and reputable brands. The last thing you want is to have to close your business because your equipment is broken.

Warranty: How long is the warranty? What does it include?

Customer service: Starting a business, especially a cafe, is stressful work. It’s important to have someone you can easily call who can help you with your questions or issues.  

Electric or Gas – make sure you know which power source you need and the requirements for your venue. 

Size – How big is your cafe? How big is your kitchen? This will be a key determinant of what products you can choose

Innovation and speed – Just like a good tradesman is only as good as their tools – a cafe is the same! Don’t try to cut costs on quality of equipment, it will be a disaster down the line.  We have seen many occasions when cafe owners buy cheap or secondhand equipment and it almost always ends in tragedy. 

biurger Best Equipment options for a Cafe in Australia.

TurboChef Sota


The perfect option for quick breakfast bites: pastries, croissants, toasted sandwiches, or breakfast pizzas. Yes, you read that right – breakfast pizza is the new thing. The Sota oven provides superior speed and cooking performance in TurboChef’s smallest, most energy-efficient package. This amazing little oven can cook Toasted Breakfast Sandwiches in 50 seconds and a 9-inch breakfast Pizza in under 2 minutes!

Key features:

+ Ventless operation
+ Fast cooking times
+ Even cooking
+ Easy touch screen
+ Small footprint – great for small venues.
+ Multi product cooking capabilities
+ 250 menu items

Why it’s a great choice:

+ TurboChef is the world leader in express cooking
+ They Invented the technology
+ Microwave from the top (only one to do so)
+ Impingement air from top & Bottom (only one that can )
+ Multi cooking operation in one machine
+ 12 months parts and labor

waffles Best Equipment options for a Cafe in Australia.

Eswood Smartwash SW500


This undercounter dishwasher / glasswasher is the first attractive, intelligent, one touch warewashing system in Australia that offers incredibly sustainable results in water and energy consumption. The SW500 is a fully featured unit and comes complete for easy installation.

Key features:

+ 15amp Glasswasher
+ One touch control panel
+ built in rinse & detergent dispensers
+ Top mounted controls
+ Drain pump
+ wash cycles 90,120,180 sec

Why it’s a great choice:

+ Very easy operation – no messing around with settings.
+ Water saving unit – great to save costs and the environment
+ Sanitation guaranteed – a perfect clean, everytime.
+ 12 months parts and labor – never have to worry about downtime.

chips Best Equipment options for a Cafe in Australia.

Pitco 35c+s


Pitco has been in business since 1918 and is the #1 Fryer Company in the world. Their quality and craftsmanship extends from our top of the line fryers all the way to entry line fryers. There is a reason Pitco is in all operations from mom & pop restaurants to almost all of the major chain restaurants you can think of.

The Pitco 35c+s is the perfect addition to a cafe that serves breakfast and lunch. Golden brown Hash Browns, stuffed peppers, deep fried ice cream on pancakes, sweet potato fries, scotch eggs or arancini!

Key features:

+ Stainless steel Tank
+ Tube Fryers
+ 2 fry baskets,
+ 95mj
+ 18 ltr oil capacity

Why it’s a great choice:

+ Largest manufacturer in the world for Fryers
+ World leading brand
+ Options available for suits
+ Computer controls
+ Self-filtrating fryers
+ 12 months parts and labor

eggs Best Equipment options for a Cafe in Australia.

Goldstein 800 Series

6 burner range Range PF628

If you are planning on serving breakfast, lunch or dinner at your cafe, this is the perfect equipment to keep your customers satisfied with the menu offering you will be able to provide every time. Goldstein was established in 1911 and is Australia’s premier Food Service Equipment manufacturer. The Goldstein 800 series range is offered in various models with options to fit your specific needs. With everything made in Australia and an incredible customer service team, if you are looking at cooking options for your cafe, we highly recommend Goldstein!

Key features:

+ High performance 28mj burners, 

+ Constant pilot flame,

+ Heavy Duty Cast iron Trivets.

+ Oven is fully insulated with vitreous enamel

+ Oven Options Static, fan forced, Convection & Electric 


Why it’s a great choice:

+ Australian Made
+ Over 100 Year Manufacturing in Australia
+ Built for tough Australian conditions 
+ Great heat transfer 
+ Easy to clean
+ 12 months parts and labor

Next Steps

If you would like to learn more about the products above, or would just like to have a chat about the best options for your cafe, give us a call, we would love to help! 

We have a highly experienced team at Middleby with extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry. Our large product offering supports some of Australia’s leading food businesses, including notable cafes in all major cities across Australia. 

Got a question? Just want to chat? Contact us here

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