2022: How to Maximise your profits this Summer

The COVID-19 pandemic and the public health measures resulting from it have completely altered life as we know it. And for restaurants across Australia, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant restrictions, as well as financial and community losses.

But, as restaurants remain an integral and beloved part of society, with the summer holiday season of dining in its full swing, you need to utilize everything you have at your disposal to connect with your customers and improve your revenue, and no matter where you’re located, there are many ways to do so.

Maintain a Healthy Environment

When it comes to health and safety, there are many physical and operational alterations that you can make to create a safer environment and limit the spread of COVID-19 in the process.

Make sure that you’ve clearly indicated the limited capacity and dining protocols. Use floor decals or tapes and signage to direct customers on how to move and sit on their tables. Check the customers’ temperatures when they enter the restaurant and scan their QR vaccination codes when required.

Provide To-Go Options

No matter how great the weather is, many people choose to stay home instead of dining in a restaurant. Therefore, you need to curate and promote a menu that is also available for takeout food and delivery and encourage your customers to order or pre-order their meals for their special day or holiday.

If possible, rebuild your street-facing restaurant windows to create a to-go takeout space for drinks and meals. Check if your local legislations and regulations allow you to form a sidewalk seating with enough space between the tables. Rethink how your window displays can invite more passers-by to order on the spot.

Reinvent Your Outdoor Space

The binding capacity and social distancing demands means that you must be imaginative and figure out how to use your outdoor space for a healthier environment and maximum profits. For example, if you’re surrounded by a larger parking space or pavement, there are plenty of options to create wider outdoor dining space.

If you have the space and the budget, create distanced seating arrangements with partitions that will fit with the entire seasonal ambience. Make sure that guests can reserve their tables in advance.

Consider a Ghost Kitchen

When circumstances are always changing, successful kitchens and restaurants know how to adapt. Adopting a ghost kitchen system where you’ll receive predominantly online deliveries while keeping up with the ongoing dine-in operations can be achieved through ghost kitchen solutions developed specifically for your restaurant.

Contactless food pick-ups and deliveries is perhaps the safest way to run your restaurant in times of COVID-19. Design your order and pick-up experience to match the unique needs of your customers.

Let Technology Drive Your Restaurant

Technology is what drives changes and creates progress. Using the latest appliances is key to delivering exceptional food experiences, maximizing your revenue, and improving customer loyalty. From connected kitchens to innovative takeout systems, both restauranteurs and customers are looking forward to the latest tech to prepare the menu.

Despite the challenges of this holiday season, maintain exceptional levels of service and make sure that you provide your customers with delicious food, prepared quickly. Make sure that your staff is filled with energy, regardless of whether the guests order from your seasonal menu at the terrace or from the comfort of their homes.